Description: Sloan Harper and her boyfriend planned a romantic vacation and it's finally time to go! She missed him so much, but more importantly, she missed his dick. A long road trip is ahead, but she's too horny to wait till they get to the hotel. She starts to finger herself on the car ride and he rubs her clit. They eventually pull over so she can give him some amazing road head. They finally get to the hotel and walk down an amazing forest to get there. It's beautiful and romantic. Sloan is too horny. She wants his dick back in her mouth. They go hide in the woods so she can suck his dick again. When they finally get to the hotel room, she takes a shower and gives him ANOTHER amazing blowjob in the shower. She dries off and they have great sex in the hotel room. She's been waiting for his dick and she's so happy to finally fuck his brains out. A perfect way to begin a vacation.

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