Description: Melody is still with her high school boyfriend. What does he think about seeing her sucking and fucking another guy? "He's cool with it," Melody told us. "He's never had a problem sharing me. He was my first, and he's still the guy I fuck every night. We've had a bunch of threesomes with his best friends. Before shooting this porn, I'd only been with three guys, and besides my boyfriend, the other guys were in threesomes.
"My favorite position is on all fours with my arms behind my back. I love it when my guy grabs me like that and uses the leverage to pound me from the back. It makes me feel dominated, and I cum like crazy in that position.
"I promised my boyfriend that I'd keep my asshole just for him when we decided that I'd try shooting porn. I really, really love anal, though, so we'll see…

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