Description: Emiri Momota, who continues to fascinate fans with her long limbs and small face, and a style that hasn't changed since her debut, appears as a classmate's mother! !! In the past work, Emiri, who plays a beautiful sexy beauty, took a younger man as a handball this time with a sober role, and is an experienced friend's mom. When she is cleaning up the laundry, she shows off her crotch and shows off a technique that makes a man cry and rejoice. Even a sober role is erotic, the style is outstanding, and the content is missing! !! Don't miss the triple time signature Temptation of Manchira! !!

離れしたプロポーションに長い手脚と小顔、デビュー当時からまったく変わらないスタイルで今もファンを魅了し続ける百多えみりちゃんが同級生のお母さん役に扮して登場!!過去の作品は綺麗なセクシー美女を演じるえみりちゃんが今回はチョット地味な役柄で年下の男を手玉に取り、経験豊富な友達のママ。洗濯物を片付けている時に股間をチラチラ見せつけ男が泣いて喜ぶテクニックを披露してくれます。地味な役柄でもエロい、スタイルは抜群、内容は抜ける!!三拍子揃った「まんチラの誘惑」をお見逃しなく!! Free HD on Scan Porn

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