Description: "Wild Girl" starts on a happy and romantic note. With a bouncy pop tune as the soundtrack, Isabella Chrystin (making her SexArt debut) and Matt Ice flirt and kiss while removing her sexy lingerie from a clothesline. But when the credits roll they contain an unexpected surprise: in addition to Chrystin and Ice, a third performer's name is listed: Thomas Lee. And Lee soon appears, sneaking up, unseen, and watching the couple from behind a stack of firewood — and then stealthily shadowing them as the couple retreats indoors. What follows is an intimate and passionate interlude — Matt and Isabella exchange oral pleasures, and then indulge in a prolonged session of multi-position pumping. As involving as the sex is in its own right, "Wild Girl" is infused with an intriguing bit of mystery throughout — where is Mr. Lee, who is he, and what is he doing during all of this? Peeping in a window? Lurking outside the bedroom door? Plotting? Planning? Only after Isabella and Matt share a post-orgasmic kiss do we get a clue: As Thomas Lee scales a ladder leaning against the house the words "to be continued..." appear on the screen. And so it appears that the sensuous saga of "Wild Girl" has only just begun.

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